Does My Body Type Really Matter?

Does My Body Type Really Matter?


Good, bad or in-between, we all have a relationship with our bodies. Some of us consider our bodies hot and a sight to behold while some of us abhor the reality of living in our bodies, whatever the case is, knowing your body is essential toward building your image.


Fashion experts have coined various methods for determining body types and our favorite and most reliable is Kendall Farr’s, Author of The Pocket Stylist, ABC method.

According to Farr, there are 3 main body types.


Body Types - Kendall Farr


A – Width of shoulder and torso smaller than width of hips.


B – Shoulders and hips roughly the same width, with a defined waist


C – Width of shoulders same or wider that width of hips with, little waist definition


These body types have fuller variations D, E and F.


D is a fuller version of A

E is a fuller version of B

F is a fuller version of C


If you do not know your body type yet, get a measuring tape and use the information above while you measure your shoulders, waist and hips.

With all we have learned from the above, do you think body types matter when it comes to style for the Muslim woman? After all our clothes are loose and we take pride in covering up as commanded by Allah.

Our answer is a resounding YES!

First and foremost, knowing our body type and dressing to fit it builds confidence. When you love how your clothes fit, you are more comfortable and self assured. This is about how you see yourself, not how the world sees you. A typical example is wearing new underwear that fits perfectly and enhances your features, nobody sees it but you feel like the sexiest woman in the world! Your dressing affects your state of mind.

Knowing your body type makes shopping an easy and pleasurable experience. By looking at cuts and proportions, you know items you should pick and items that belong on the rack, no need for unnecessary fittings. When it comes to clothing, proportions are everything. As Coco Chanel put it: “Fashion is like architecture: it is a matter of proportions”.

Oversized white shirt

Following the guidelines of the hijab isn’t all that matters when it comes to appearance, we also need to assess our specific situations and adjust accordingly. A 36DD woman with body type D should not dress the same way a 34C body type C does. Why? She’s curvier and fuller than a body type C and likely to look more provocative.


In modesty styling, fuller figures need extra attention in order to properly conceal the curves and lovely lady lumps. It’s not enough to throw on a veil, an abaya or a maxi anything.

Slimmer figures get away with various styling options but still have their worries. It’s easy to look like a drowning Cat when donning free-sized clothing.

When you look in the mirror do your clothing enhance or conceal the necessary areas? How do the proportions help your look? Are you properly covered but not looking smart enough? These are a few of the questions that need answers.


COS white shirt

Body type absolutely matters!

Mainstream fashion uses body types to enhance the curves of a woman, while we use it as a tool to choose clothing that conceals the curves with the right structure and proportions.


Having knowledge about the do’s and don’ts for your body type is one of the top style skills you should have, it eliminates confusion in the dressing room, helps build a wardrobe you love and reveals a more confident you.


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    I use the other known body bible type. My body is lollipop

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