Top Picks from the Basic Collection by Pearls by Ray

Modest trousers

Top Picks from the Basic Collection by Pearls by Ray

As salam alaykum ladies,

Long time no style posts! It’s interesting how life happens and we all evolve. Anyway, I’m here with some stylish good news. Read up!

Pearls by Ray, one of the modest clothing brands in Nigeria that has consistently catered to the unique needs of Muslim women just launched a new collection – The Basic Collection. Just as the name implies, this collection is a selection of wardrobe basics for the working Muslim woman (of course all pieces can be styled for other occasions too). Basic is a 12-piece collection that features skirts, pants and dresses in solid colours, in my opinion all the pieces are not just functional but also well-curated to form the foundation of a Muslimah’s wardrobe.

See my top picks below!


Modest skirt

Panel Skirt in Navy Blue

The Panel Skirt is suitable for all body types and also comes in black. Everyone needs a maxi-skirt in solid dark colours to be paired with ANYTHING, it’s an essential all year round. I particularly like that full-bodied women can style it tucked in without worrying about curves and lumps showing. Winner!

Modest dress

Panel Dress in Black

Black dress? Yes! This needs no introduction or description. Your wardrobe needs a fully covered black dress. I like the panel dress because of the loose fit at the bottom and the beautiful six-piece cut that makes it more than a simple black dress. Off the top of my head I can already think of multiple ways to style this for different looks. There is also an A-line version in the collection.

Modest trousers

Culottes-style Pants in Camel

So chic! This is for the stylista that wants to keep things modest yet express her style. The color and style is right up my alley. It comes in black as well.

Modest shirt

Button-down Peplum Shirt in White

This shirt can be styled with a skirt or pants. The peplum cut gives it a structured look while providing coverage for the waist to bottom area.


There you have it, my personal picks.

Check out Pearls by Ray on Instagram here –  and shop the collection via the website here –

Remember to shop with your body type and personal style preferences in mind. As always, keep your looks simple, loose, covered and stylish!

With love for the sake of Allah,


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