Holiday Edit by Amina Zaid

Fashion model wearing print jumpsuit

Holiday Edit by Amina Zaid

Salaam Style Sisters!

The holidays are here and as we all know holidays come with partying and loads of outdoor activities. As Muslim women we keep our looks fully covered in all seasons but we definitely can infuse some style and fun while keeping things modest.

Nigerian modest-clothing brand, Amina Zaid just dropped a delicious holiday edit and it’s hitting all the right spots for us stylish muslimahs. Amina Zaid is known for feminine and minimal designs suitable for Muslim women at any stage of their modesty journey.

My favorite from this edit is the Ummi Jumpsuit!

The Ummi Jumpsuit is made from a vibrant flowery print fabric that is soft yet mature. Featuring a high neckline, full sleeves, pleats and pockets, it boasts of a timeless and functional design that ticks our modesty boxes.

Take a look at the holiday edit below and shop Amina Zaid via

Fashion model wearing print jumpsuit

Ummi Jumpsuit

modest print jumpsuit

Nigerian Fashion model wearing beige kimono set

Munira Kimono Set

Nigerian fashion model wearing damask dress in champagne colour

Rida Damask Dress

Nigerian fashion model wearing a white shirt and full maroon coloured skirt

Samira Two-Tone Skirt and Off-White Shirt


Notice: Muslimah Style Guide strictly advocates for proper adherence to islamic appearance guidelines. Muslim women are required cover every part of their body except the face, hands up to the wrist and feet (This is the generally accepted minimum, other legal opinions exist). Images belong to the brand and does not reflect Muslimah Style Guide values. 

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