The Relationship Between Confidence and Style

The Relationship Between Confidence and Style

Do you ever wonder why some women ALWAYS look stylish regardless of what they wear? Even the simplest and plainest of clothing look rich and dignified on them. These women inspire us and leave us wanting to look and be better, so I’m sure you do. Today, we’ll gist about their secret, which to be honest, isn’t a secret. 

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When we talk about style, we mostly talk about material items we can see and touch, e.g Clothing, accessories, colours. These things do play an important role when it comes to style, but something trumps them all – CONFIDENCE. 

Confidence has a direct relationship to style and I believe it’s the number 1 style booster. A confident woman chooses her clothing knowing that whatever she throws on neither reduces nor increases her worth, she is the actual gem. Whether fancy designer items or basic clothing, she walks in confidence and humility. 

We are constantly surrounded by messaging telling us what to wear and how to fit into society, this can lead to a dip in your confidence levels, especially when these messages contradict Islamic teachings. Without a healthy confidence level, drowning in the sea of messaging and marketing becomes inevitable. 

Coveting expensive fashion items and attaching your personal style and worth to owning them is a misconception and possibly a sign of low self-esteem. 


Outfit and Image by Shukr Clothing

Personal style has two fundamental ingredients:

Confidence in choosing what you truly love.

Knowledge about your lifestyle and what you’re most comfortable in. 

As Muslim women, I must add that Islamic guidelines play an important role here. 

With these two, you have a solid foundation to be a woman of style and grace. 

Confidence is like a muscle, it can be built over time. Here are a few tips to help you build yours;

Self- Acceptance: Accepting yourself fully is the first step towards real confidence. The good, bad, pleasant and unpleasant. Look at yourself and accept who you are. Don’t reject any part of you. No one is perfect but everyone is worthy. 

Identifying Areas For Improvement: Self-acceptance comes with knowledge about things you do not like and wish to improve on. Identify these areas and begin to take deliberate steps towards positive change. Remember you’re doing this for yourself not the validation of others. You personally identify these areas and choose to be better for yourself. Consider it your promise to you!

Personal Hygiene: This can not be over-emphasised. Cleanliness and neatness elevate your appearance. They are the keys to looking presentable and dignified. No matter how stylish or beautiful you are, being dirty and untidy makes you lose confidence and also repels others. 

Take a bath, wash your hair, keep your nails short and clean, keep your garments and undergarments clean, rinse and pat dry after relieving yourself, trim excess hair in private areas, brush your teeth and rinse properly after meals (Ablution helps with this). These are just a few examples, add to the list and create your beauty routine. 

Separate Needs From Wants: Knowing what you need frees you from impulsively acquiring stuff. A woman of confidence doesn’t accumulate unnecessary things. She knows her style and her needs then focuses on them. So, don’t mix up what you simply want with what you actually need. 

I suggest you have a few items of good quality that serve you long term instead of a lot of items that sit in your closet with no use.


Confidence is the secret weapon of stylish women! Build confidence and style will be the icing on the cake. 


Do you know anyone who needs a confidence + style boost? Share with them and help with their transformation. They’ll thank you!

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