Teslimah Yusuf Talks About Style And Raising Her Daughters To Embrace The Hijab

Teslimah Yusuf Talks About Style And Raising Her Daughters To Embrace The Hijab

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We are glad to bring you into the world of Muslimah Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur and Style Enthusiast, Teslimah Adepeju Yusuf. She shares her thoughts and opinions on raising her daughters to embrace the hijab and why a Muslimah can never have too many veils!

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MSG: Can a Muslimah ever have too many veils? How many do you currently own?

Teslimah: There's definitely nothing like too many veils! We have a varied selection of veils in different sizes, styles, colours, patterns and fabrics so one is spoilt for
choice. You're never settled on which veil you'll need to suit a particular outfit perfectly. As a muslimah, I have quite a few of each mentioned above and it would be quite
difficult for me to give a number, but lets say I have almost a closet full of


MSG: What is your most comfortable outfit and why?

Teslimah: My most comfortable outfit would have to be long-sleeve maxi dresses. I find them very easy to style and less restrictive when worn. They make me look very modest yet
chic and stylish, especially if paired with the appropriate accessories like a cute Blazer to compliment the style of the dress.

MSG: Has observing the hijab placed any limitations on you in any area of life?

Teslimah: No it hasn't, instead it has opened quite a few doors of opportunity for me and it
still does. Every chance I get, I say Alhamdulilah to almighty Allah for making
me a muslimah as it is a privilege to be one.


MSG: If you had to toss anything out of your closet now, what would it be?

Teslimah: Oh my! That's a very tough question to answer but thinking about it carefully I
will say absolutely NOTHING! I choose what I buy well and give every item a lot of
consideration so I don't think I'll ever buy something I don't like, rather you
could ask me what items I would love to add to my closet, then I would
gladly give you a very long list!

MSG: What are your 3 dream items presently?

Teslimah: Can't think of any, sorry. Though if I am forced to say something, I'll say probably designer shoes and bags like Christian Louboutin & Chanel, but I can never
seem to justify buying them, as I am quite strict when it comes to buying
expensive fashion items which won't add much value to my closet, lol!


MSG: Favorite clothing brand(s)? Why?

Teslimah: I am more of a 'high street retailer' kind of person, so I'll say H&M, Dorothy Perkins, New Look and definitely Chicwish.com. These shops stock a variety of
modest clothes that don't compromise on style.

MSG: Please share your go-to online platforms for style inspiration.

Teslimah: To be honest I don't have any in particular. I am more of a 'see a clothing item,
think of how to style it to make it my own' kind of person. I do get some
inspiration from other people sometimes but I always try to recreate theirs to suit my taste.

MSG: Closet must-haves for Muslim women and lovers of conservative style.

Teslimah: A variety of veils for different outfits i.e Pashmina, jersey, cotton, maxi, small, square, plain, floral, patterned hijabs all in different colours, Blazers (to help achieve a more modest & stylish look), Long sleeve light-weight inner tops in different colours (for when you find a gorgeous short sleeve piece that isn't very covered), Maxi dresses (they can easily be rocked for both day and night looks), at least one pleated maxi skirt (to give that edgy yet chic look).


MSG: As a Muslim mother, what suggestions can you offer on raising a girl child to embrace the hijab willingly and wholeheartedly?

Teslimah: As a muslim mum of two gorgeous girls Masha Allah, I educate my girls on the importance and reasons for wearing a hijab and make them understand that it is a requirement for all muslimahs. They know the advantages and Alhamdulilah as I wear one myself, they can easily relate to the hijab. Whenever they see me wearing mine, they quickly go to pick theirs up and wear. They enjoy watching me style my hijab and whenever they are both role playing, I see them wrap themselves or their dolls up with a hijab or any piece of cloth. 

I try to make it fun for them also by getting them different children's styles to compliment their outfits. They've just recently started wearing theirs to school and Alhamdulilah their Muslim friends are beginning to emulate them. This also encourages them to wear it more.  Although once in a while they take it off, gradually with continuous encouragement and
reminders as they get older, it will become a part of them like it is for me Insha


MSG: With the major recognition modest fashion is getting, what advice can you share to all Muslimahs?

Teslimah: Let's continue to represent Islam with our modest wears and also encourage other muslimahs aspiring to grow in faith. Let's put Muslim Modest Fashion in the forefront which can help change the misconception of Islam the international media is trying to promote.

Many thanks Teslimah.. Can we call you Tes? :). JazakAllah Khair.

Photo Credit: Adepeju Yusuf (@hajia_belle)
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