Style Guide: Dressing For The Hot Weather

Style Guide: Dressing For The Hot Weather

If you live in Nigeria, it’s no news that the weather is so hot you feel like ripping your clothes off at any given chance. As Muslim women who have chosen to cover, this weather calls for practical tips on how to stay comfortable and cool.

I have 5 easy tips for you. Let’s jump right into it.



This is the first step to a cooler day. Most women have no clue about the fabrics their clothes are made from but I’m sure they know how each piece makes them feel. Breathable fabrics should be your buddies this season. Examples are 100% Cotton and Linen. I say 100% because a-lot of fabrics are a mix of natural and synthetic fibers that may reduce breathability. We are looking for maximum comfort, so let’s go the extra mile.

Wearing cotton t-shirt from Zara and cotton pants from Mango. Threw on the long sleeve shirt because the t-shirt has short sleeves.

Long Sleeve Shirt made with Nigerian made cotton by This Is Us.



Oh yes. You have to be WISE. PERIOD. Dark colors absorb more heat and will cause you to feel warmer. Here’s a short scientific reference.

“Light energy can be converted into heat energy. A black object absorbs all wavelengths of light and converts them into heat, so the object gets warm. A white object reflects all wavelengths of light, so the light is not converted into heat and the temperature of the object does not increase noticeably.” – UCSB Science Line.


Don’t worry about the science of it, just opt for colors that absorb less light. A simple trick is to hold up the fabric and see how much light penetrates. This is also a good way to check for breathability.



I repeat, DO NOT LAYER. Well, except your environment and lifestyle do not require being outdoor for a long period of time. The discomfort of layering in the heat trumps any style points. Save yourself from a heat stroke and opt for one-piece/two-piece clothing (top and bottom).



This is even a basic modest requirement  for Muslim women. It’s a plus that loose fitting clothes allow room for air. You know how irritable you feel when you’re hot and you have fabric tightly wrapped all over you? It’s torture.  You do not have to subject yourself to that, choose LOOSE.

Bou Bou by Firdausi Mansur. Click image to view brand details.



All of the above apply to your veils but let’s add one little tip. Cotton veils and inner caps absorb moisture from your hair, so lighter colors might show wet patches and that’s not a good sight to behold. I personally wear dark colored veils most of the time but I make sure the fabric is very light and breathable, usually so light that if they were made in lighter colors they would be transparent.


These tips may seem like the obvious things to do but you’ll be surprised that most times we do the opposite and end up being uncomfortable and irritable all day.

The Elections are around the corner ladies, you will probably be outdoors for hours. Let these tips come in handy and remember not to ditch modesty for comfort. With the right style guide, you can have both.


See you next time.



Image credits:

This Is Us (@thisisusng on Instagram)

Firdausi Mansur (view details HERE )

@muslimahstyleguide on Instagram

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