Ramadan Reflection: Time and Resource Management

Ramadan Reflection

Ramadan Reflection: Time and Resource Management

The Prophet SAW said: Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth before you become old: your health before you fall sick; your wealth before you become poor; your free time before you become preoccupied; and your life before your death. Narrated by Ibn Abbas.


How we manage the time and resources Allah SWT has bestowed upon us is a way to monitor our devotion to Allah SWT. In a world filled with so many distractions and tasks, we often times forget the reason for our existence and to whom we owe allegiance.


How are we taking advantage of the energy and vitality we have before we become old and frail? What are we doing with our sound health before the inevitable decline begins to happen? How are we spending /using our sustenance before it is wiped away? What irrelevant activities do we occupy our selves with before the rush begins? How are we living this life we have been given before the only certainty which is DEATH comes to snatch us?

Ramadan Reflection

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An organized life is a attribute of a true believer. Effectively managing time and resources and creating ample time towards serving Allah more is something every believer should strive to attain.


No, we are not to too busy, we do not need more than 24 hours and we are not disadvantaged. We only need to prioritize and be disciplined. Let go of things that eat up your time and eventually your life. What we do with our time determines the outcome of lives by the will of Allah. If we spend more time in worship to Ar-Razzak (The Sustainer) he will provide for us in ways unimaginable. Whatever we seek; health, wealth, love, peace of mind, clarity, purpose etc, when we turn to the One who sustains all that is in the heavens and on earth, we get the full package. Alhamdulilah!


What do you do daily? How much of your time do you spend in worship and pursuit of religious knowledge? Are there things you can eliminate to create more time to connect with Allah? Respond to these questions sincerely and take the necessary steps towards being a better servant to our Lord. 


Allah SWT turns to those who sincerely and earnestly seek him. Don’t waste time, run to Allah SWT, his doors are always open.


Always remember that the image of a believer is that which pleases her Lord.


Have a blessed day and week ahead.

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