Looking Forward To Eid? Read This!

Looking Forward To Eid? Read This!


Let’s talk sisters!
The day of Eid is around the corner, alhamdulillah. A day of celebration and servitude to our Rabb who granted us life to witness another Ramadan! Powerful!

There’s so much excitement about our Eid looks and special activities for the day, as expected. This is why I thought to share a quick reminder about the appearance of Muslims (in this case Muslim women) and it’s relation to the state of our hearts.

Ramadan is the month of drawing closer to Allah and seeking forgiveness for our misdeeds and heedlessness. In Ramadan we call upon our Rabb over and over again asking for mercy, guidance and provision. We feel a sense of urgency and also even feel renewed. Alhamdulillah.

Now Ramadan is coming to an end, Eid festivities are underway and MANY are distracted by thoughts of to wear. Looking good is good, looking good for Allah? Great! Now how do you look great for Allah? Any clue? I’ll help. By adhering to His commands. Eid is not a hall-pass to act based on our whims and fancies, Eid is not a day off from the obedience of Allah. Eid is definitely not a hijab-free day.

With Eid collections, sales and look books scattered around, we can easily get carried away, hence this gentle reminder. Do not look to social media or perceived role models as your guide to doing what’s commanded by Allah. As an adult knowing what is required of you is your responsibility.

Do you know the appearance guidelines for Muslim women?
Do you know the conduct guidelines for Muslim women?
Do you know why these exist?

It’s time to find out.

So sisters, this Eid please don’t be all about the ‘slay’ and ‘pepper’ be about the ‘ikhlas (sincerity)’ and ‘taqwa (piety)’. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I dressed to please Allah?
If not, how can I do so?

If I am not dressed to please Allah, who am I dressed to please?

If I am dressed to please anyone or anything other than Allah, what does this say about the state of my heart?
About my submission to my Master?
Is my desire more important than the command of Allah?

Eid is a day of worship and thankfulness to Allah in hopes that our deeds have been accepted, does disobedience fit into the picture?

Let’s choose better ladies. Allah has blessed us! Let’s choose better for Allah’s sake! 💜


Keep it covered, simple and loose.


P.S: Do you need to talk to someone about how to improve your appearance for Allah’s sake? Send a direct message to @muslimahstyleguide on Instagram.

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