Let’s Go Touring! #CommunityMosqueTour

Let’s Go Touring! #CommunityMosqueTour

It’s the start of a new week and we are bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Alhamdulilah.


Building strong communities and effecting the necessary changes is central to our existence and this is the inspiration for our Community Mosque Tour Initiative.

How many Mosques exist within your local community? How many have you visited? One? Two? Five? None?  Whatever your reasons are, this short post is to encourage you to embark on a Mosque Tour in your local community.

Going on a Mosque Tour has immense benefits and we will share a few we identified.



As Muslims its our obligation to maintain close sincere relationships with other Muslims and a Mosque is the perfect location for this.

A Mosque Tour will give us a better understanding of our community and the needs of the Muslims around us. This will enable us give of the bounty we have been blessed with by Allah appropriately.

A Mosque Tour helps us identify loopholes in the development of the Mosques. This will spur us to take positive action.

Going on a Mosque Tour with family and friends maintains the ties of kinship and also brings us closer to Allah.

Going on a Mosque Tour is a great way to inject halal excitement into our lives as we find new and interesting things at every location we step into. New friends, new projects and a more enlightened us!


A Mosque is a place where Muslims and non-Muslims should find solace and feel the warmth and love Islam teaches. Lets spread this warmth and love around by visiting different Mosques and doing our little-big bit to make our communities better.


Where do you live? Are you starting a Mosque Tour? Please share snippets with us on social media to encourage everyone to keep going. Use the hashtag #communitymosquetour


We pray Allah keeps us steadfast as we embark on this exciting journey and we open our hearts to receive His bounty! Lets go on a tour!


Salam alaykum waramatulah wabarakatuh.

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