Five Style Sisters We Truly Admire

Five Style Sisters We Truly Admire

Its World Hijab Day! Major shout out to the brain behind this initiative, we totally dig it. Masha Allah.


We planned to share this post later in the week, but today just seems like a more suitable day. It’s our little way of participating in the World Hijab Day and sharing our Muslimah Role Models with others.

Although we do have loads of Muslimah Style Sisters we would love to share with you, these are our current top five.



We love Samiah. We love Samiah. We love Samiah. Not only is she a super coded-stylish Muslimah, she’s also a business-savvy mother of two. She has multiple businesses under her belt and by the mercy of Allah she continues to excel in them. Does Fusion Lifestyle ring a bell? That’s her thing.

Samiah’s style is simple and fuss-free. Be it casual gatherings or formal occasions, she keeps it simple and elegant with maxi dresses or nice skirts and blouses with a simple styled veil that is ALWAYS in place, her veils seem to sit perfectly with no bulge or gape. Go Sam!

Instagram: @thegiftsource




Okay, if you are a regular on here, you already know Annah Hariri has our heart. Elegance is the name of the game for her. Her style is definitely one to copy. Yep we said so. She is also constantly growing in the deen and making sure she carries the community of sisters along. Masha Allah.

Annah Hariri is the Founder of the Annah Hariri label that makes clothing for women.

We also love how she focuses on quality garments and the teachings of islam not her physical attributes and looks. We do not see her face on public platforms but we are constantly inspired by her style and love for Islam.

Instagram: @annah_hariri

annah plaid casual



We have been following Fitri Aulia for a long while and she’s one to truly admire. Her style is personal to her but has the love for Islam written all over it. Her veils, her dresses and her confidence inspire us. She is the founder of the label Kivitz that makes quality items for Muslim women and the Co-Founder of Syar’i lifestyle.

Instagram: @fitriaulia_

Fitri Aulia 2



She is the cool minimalist over at @fashionwithfaith on Instagram and Youtube. Imane is unapologetically a minimalist cool cat. What makes her style so awesome is that she doesn’t follow trends but still looks super fly. Her oversized jumpers and sneakers add to her unique quirky style and we love it.




Asma’s style is simple and effortless. She is the Creative Director of the brand, Love To Dress. Asma strikes us as a pretty neat lady who loves clean lines and attention to detail. Her clothing label and Instagram page can testify to that, long dresses in soft ¬†feminine hues and a living space that makes us want to clean up, haha. Her style is right up our alley!

Instagram: @a.nasaruddin




What these women have in common is simplicity, which is our watchword. For us, modesty is synonymous with simplicity and we get love struck by women who stay simple but elegant.


May Allah make us of those who please him!



Photo Credits: Samiah Oyekan Ahmed,,, @fashionwithfaith (Instagram), @a.nasaruddin(Instagram).


  • Zee
    Posted at 21:46h, 01 February

    Im currently digging the Radiant traveler’s style hub! What do i like about it? Its the way she goes all out on simple and stylish… Guess she doesn’t know we see her super stylish move even when its downed played. ?

    • admin
      Posted at 18:31h, 03 February

      Thanks Zee. Haha!

  • Azeezah
    Posted at 07:45h, 02 February

    Love, love this post. I love all this sisters especially because of the way they make simplicity look elegant. May Allah continue to bless them and us.

    • admin
      Posted at 18:30h, 03 February

      Ameen Sis Azeezah.

  • Kacey
    Posted at 08:13h, 04 February

    This is great. I love it.