Eid 2016 Style Stars

Eid 2016 Style Stars

Eid 2016 Style Stars



We are all looking forward to Eid! Everyone is excited and rightly so. Social media is abuzz with a lot people going fashion crazy in preparation for the big day. Its quite exciting!


In the spirit of Eid and to inspire women to dress better, Muslimah Style Guide will be looking out for some style inspiration this Eid.


Can you keep it it simple, faceless (faceless because our focus isn’t your masha Allah beautiful face 🙂 ) and according to the guidelines of the Hijab? The simpler, the better.

Look for creative ways to express your style without being extravagant. That is the skill of a woman of style. Are you up to the task?


Please share your Eid style with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our favorites will get featured on our blog and social media platforms in sha Allah.

Eid 2016 Style Stars



Lets inspire each other to dress better, it’s not about how expensive or fancy you look, its about oozing style while keeping it according to Islamic guidelines.


Eid Mubarak Sisters!

Image credit: www.annahariri.com

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