The month of February was a busy and productive one for us. We were in London for the International Fashion Showcase 2015 organised by the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week. It is safe to say we came back refreshed and ready to churn out amazing content for our style saavy readers.
One of the events we had the privilege to attend was the Hijab Styling Workshop with Dian Pelangi and Amena of Pearl Daisy Limited. Due to so many activities we made it to the workshop quite late but still had a moment to meet and greet Dian and the other amazing women in attendance.
The workshop space was filled with so many beautiful women with style and grace from all around the world and we sincerely got inspired.
Special shout out to Muna Ally who allowed us take quite a few photos of her and was so patient and warm. She is an amazing muslimah who is taking the world of photography one click at a time.
Enjoy a few photos below!
Peace and Love.
Hey February!

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