Lets talk grooming ladies.

How well do you take care of yourself? We mean the nooks and crannies that aren’t visible to the public. A lot of women are keen on beauty, which to be honest is an important factor for us, but we believe emphasis should be placed more on cleanliness than beauty. After all, what is beauty without cleanliness?

As Muslim women, there is an even higher duty placed on us to maintain cleanliness and purity to gain the pleasure of Allah. It is said in Islam that purity is half of faith, and we must strive to attain purity internally and externally. There are many authentic Hadiths that show how much emphasis is placed on proper grooming for men and women and how Believers are encouraged to maintain proper personal hygiene.

Without talking too much let’s get down to business. We have discussed below 3 problem areas women struggle with and a few ways to combat them in sha Allah.


Personal Hygiene

Vaginal Odor

This is a major problem amongst women. Most times the cause is poor personal hygiene while in some cases a vaginal infection is to blame. See a Gynecologist if you suspect an infection.

The Vagina is such a great place for bacteria and fungus to thrive, so doing your best to keep the area clean should be top priority.

  • Remove Hairs: You have no excuse not to. How you chose to do it is up to you, but do keep your pubic hair off or very very short. Hair provides a dark moist environment for bacteria to grow. The Vagina normally has a distinct smell, so when coupled with hair, water and heat you have set yourself up for a disaster. Keep the hair away.


  • Rinse and Pat Dry: After doing either number one or two, endeavor to rinse well with water and then pat dry with padded toilet paper or a towel (please don’t use the hand towel). This will keep the area dry and reduce the risk of infections and smells. Rinsing without patting dry especially when you wear your pants right afterwards will leave a foul smell underneath after a while.


  • Post-Period Clean Up: After the obligatory Ghusl bath, women are advised to use a small cloth with musk to clean around the vagina (not the Vagina itself). Evidence below.

Al-Bukhaari (314) and Muslim (332) narrated from ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) that Asma’ asked the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about ghusl following menses. He said: “Let one of you take her water and lotus leaves and clean herself well, then let her pour water over her head and rub it vigorously so that it will reach the roots of her hair. Then let her pour the water over herself, then take a piece of cloth scented with musk and purify herself.” Asma’ said: How should she purify herself? He said: “Subhaan-Allaah! Purify yourself with it.” ‘Aa’ishah said – as if she whispered it to her – Follow the traces of blood.

This wards off bad and unpleasant odors. See why shaving the pubic hair is so important? Who wants menstrual blood sticking onto them? Nobody!


  • Invest in Cotton Underwear: This allows air into the area. Silk pants are nice and feminine but when it comes to hygiene they’re not ideal. Keep them for those special moments if you are married.


  • Stay Away From Tight Tights: Yes we love our tights for days our dresses decide to go with the wind, but please choose cotton and buy a size bigger than normal to leave room for air. Don’t let your tights hug your area so much you begin to feel the heat.

Mouth Odor

For most people brushing once a day isn’t enough to maintain good breath. If you fall in this category, buy a mouth spray or have a pack of mint on you at all times. During the time of the Prophet (SAW) the believers were told to use the Miswak (Chewing stick) regularly to keep their mouths clean. Today we have the tooth brush and tooth paste. Start the habit of brushing twice a day. When this becomes a routine, you will reduce the risk of tooth decay and mouth odor.

  • Whudu: If you observe your 5 obligatory salah, it’s an opportunity to clean your mouth 5 times excluding the routine brushing. While doing whudu, make sure you use your fingers to clean the teeth and gum and then gargle quietly. Allah sure love those who purify themselves.

Tip – Keep a bottle of water with you if you’re uncomfortable rinsing your mouth with water from public places.

Armpit Odor

This is a major concern as a lot of people are unaware of their own smell.

  • Remove Hair: Just like the pubic area, remove the hair in your armpits. The same effect we talked about above applies here too. For perspiration there are ways to combat it. If you are not keen on anti-perspirants due to their health risks, try a Lemon Juice rub every night before going to bed. This should help kill bacteria and keep the area dry for longer. Coconut oil mixed with essential oils is also a great option. Please Google natural ways to care for the armpit, there is so much information out there ladies. Seek knowledge.

We previously wrote about caring for the armpits, read about it here.

Many Sisters give the “no perfume” excuse and while we understand that we all are trying to live by the teachings of the beloved Prophet (SAW) we should also remember that he laid emphasis on self-grooming and cleanliness.

Start making changes today. If you know you sweat a lot during the day, make sure you never miss your night time bath, don’t carry over the dirt and grim to the next day. Dear married women, please don’t put your husbands off. It’s not only when its time for sex you need to clean up! Make it a routine personally.


  • Choose The Right Clothing:  Cotton is best for those of us who live in hot humid climates. Keep the satin, silk and chiffon for cooler days sisters. Choosing clothes made from fabrics that allow air to pass through is a huge step towards keeping the armpits smelling fresh.


As a Muslim woman you should never be found wanting in the hygiene department. There are so many other areas of poor hygiene and in sha Allah in future we shall discuss them.

A woman adorned with jewels will never be considered beautiful if she pays no attention to her personal cleanliness.

“…….. Allah loves those who turn to him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean” – Al Baqara vs 222

Is Your Personal Hygiene Suffering? Read This!
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5 thoughts on “Is Your Personal Hygiene Suffering? Read This!

  • April 14, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Alhamdulillah Robin Alamin, am so glad I came across a page like this, thanks for all the knowledge that you have been sharing with us, have got to repost this

    • April 17, 2017 at 1:19 am

      Asalam alaikum dear Kareemat. Alhamdulilah. Thanks a lot for reading ad I’m so glad you found this beneficial. Do check back for some more when we begin to update regularly. With love, Fatima.

  • December 31, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Alhamdulillah for the author of this article. You have really done justice and pray to Allah to make our Muslimah follows these advice. Amin

    • January 23, 2017 at 6:06 pm

      Alhamdulilah Sister, Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Amin to your duas sis Rashidah.

  • April 22, 2016 at 10:31 am

    Thought I’d add this too if you don’t mind; we should endeavour to stay away from foods with strong odours such as onions n garlic especially when we would be meeting with others or like stated above, have a mouth spray, mint or gum handy.

    As muslims we should set the example for high personal hygiene but we often find that the reverse is the case. I’ve heard people accuse hijab sisters of being tacky etc and even though it didn’t go down well with me, I have to be honest we need to do alot better.


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